Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine

The precision record cleaner for everyone
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New Keith Monks
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in UK Hi-fi World

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Microscopic close up of groove before cleaning a record

Photographs taken by
Mr Aalt Jouk van den Hul

Microscopic close-up of groove after cleaning a record with the Keith Monks RCM


Silence Is GoldenSilent discs. Whisper-quiet Machines.
Silent discs. Whisper-quiet Machines.

The Original, Legendary
now available in beautiful golden
‘English Oak’ finish.

Keith Monks discOvery™
Keith Monks discOvery™
Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids
Sound Enhancer ~ Noise Reducer
100% Natural
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Keith Monks discOvery™ Precision
Keith Monks discOvery™ Precision
Record Cleaning Brushes
Over 2 years in development, the new improved Keith Monks discOvery™ Brushes have specially customised tapered bristles, unique to Keith Monks.
There really is no better brush anywhere else for caring for your precious records.
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Worldwide Address
keith Monks Audio Works
PO Box 34
PO38 1YQ
Tel: +44 (0)1983 857079

American Address
Keith Monks America
PO Box 771
WI 53092
Tel: (413) 539-4378



Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines are built to lastAs you would expect from a piece of equipment that uses such well engineered (and expensive.) heavy duty components, Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines are built to last and, in most cases, are relatively easy to service by almost anybody with moderate electrical and mechanical engineering experience.

The one thing our Machines don’t like is not being used - many parts are self-lubricating, plus the rubber-type components tend to seize and crack if not allowed to flex regularly. Unfortunately there are a lot of Machines out there that have been ‘mothballed’ away in cupboards or (even worse) roof lofts and attics. So, buyer beware: if you see one on ebay or similar, always ask where it has been stored and how often it has been used recently.

However all is not lost even if this has happened and, with the renewed interest in especially LP and 45rpm vinyl records and record care, many people are now wanting their Record Cleaning Machines restored to their former glory. If you feel unable to take on the project yourself, we have two Record Cleaning Repair Centres in the UK, our new office in the USA has full servicing facilities available, as have the various Keith Monks retailers around the world – see the Worldwide Retailers page for contact details.

The build quality of Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines in many cases does make them worth servicingStandard procedure is we take the Record Cleaning Machine in for evaluation and testing. A report is then produced, outlining the necessary work to be done and the costs involved. There is a nominal charge to make the investigations and prepare the report.

The build quality of Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines in many cases does make them worth servicing and overhauling and, if they’ve been reasonably well looked after, usually makes the work a very worthwhile investment.

Keith Monks. “Making records sound better since 1969.”


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