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New Keith Monks
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Microscopic close up of groove before cleaning a record

Photographs taken by
Mr Aalt Jouk van den Hul

Microscopic close-up of groove after cleaning a record with the Keith Monks RCM


Silence Is GoldenSilent discs. Whisper-quiet Machines.
Silent discs. Whisper-quiet Machines.

The Original, Legendary
now available in beautiful golden
‘English Oak’ finish.

Keith Monks discOvery™
Keith Monks discOvery™
Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids
Sound Enhancer ~ Noise Reducer
100% Natural
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Keith Monks discOvery™ Precision
Keith Monks discOvery™ Precision
Record Cleaning Brushes
Over 2 years in development, the new improved Keith Monks discOvery™ Brushes have specially customised tapered bristles, unique to Keith Monks.
There really is no better brush anywhere else for caring for your precious records.
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Worldwide Address
keith Monks Audio Works
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Tel: +44 (0)1983 857079

American Address
Keith Monks America
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The Keith Monks 'Sovereign' - RCM Mk.IIe

The Keith Monks 'Omni' - RCM Mk.VII- Entry level Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine with manual wash
- Broadcast-Archive Standard Precision Record Cleaning Machine
- Full-spec Keith Monks vacuum system
- Supplied with Keith Monks discOveryTM Precision Record Cleaning Brushes for 12” and 7” records, ergonomic wooden brush holder and quality spray bottle for fluid

The 'Entry Level' Keith Monks ‘Sovereign’ is the 'vacuum half' of our standard RCM but without the built in deck mounted 'wash' system. Instead it comes supplied with a manual brush and fluid spray bottle.

Unlike any other cleaner, the ‘Sovereign’ still has all the other usual Keith Monks features: automatic thread reel out, tidy concealed jars inside cabinet, and the full-spec Keith Monks vacuum section. Although some other makes offer a variety of models with pumps of varying abilities, we don't believe in 'degrees' of vacuum - the record either is dry, or it isn't. Therefore all Keith Monks models, including the 'IIe', feature our full spec, broadcast-standard, extra quiet vacuum pump – still probably the biggest in the industry.

Unusually the 'Sovereign' comes supplied with its own fluid spray bottle (a particularly good American type selected after exhaustive trials, capable of controllably dispensing a useful quantity and angle of fluid) and a handheld wooden brush holder (an ergonomic, chunky design which, upside down, also cradles the brush to help stop spills and contamination between cleans).

The suction arm then glides quietly across the record, vacuuming up the fluid together with all the dirt and particles now dissolved or floating in suspension, and leaving the disc completely dry, clean and ready to play.

Available in a choice of finishes:
- 'Classic White' (light cream with elegant white trim),
- 'Royal Blue' (deep blue with elegant black trim), and
- 'English Oak' (premium golden oak finish sealed in layers of clear protective polymer)

Also unusually at this price point, a lid cover is included as standard (after all, why buy a cleaning device you can't keep clean?)

Note: as the 'Sovereign' is predrilled for the deck mounted brush block holder and fluid application system of the Mk.II 'Classic', and since both models are otherwise identical, some customers have chosen to buy this model now and then upgrade it later as funds permit (a retrofit upgrade kit is available, fitting needs no special skills or experience and can usually be done in less than an hour).

All units are carefully hand-built in Great Britain by our skilled engineers in our new 2000sq.ft production facility - keeping pace with the renewed and growing demand for the best and most famous Record Cleaning Machine in the world.



Keith Monks. “Making records sound better since 1969.”



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Broadcast-Archive standard electric record cleaning machine hand built in Great Britain