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New Keith Monks
awarded 5 Globes
in UK Hi-fi World

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Microscopic close up of groove before cleaning a record

Photographs taken by
Mr Aalt Jouk van den Hul

Microscopic close-up of groove after cleaning a record with the Keith Monks RCM


Silence Is GoldenSilent discs. Whisper-quiet Machines.
Silent discs. Whisper-quiet Machines.

The Original, Legendary
now available in beautiful golden
‘English Oak’ finish.

Keith Monks discOvery™
Keith Monks discOvery™
Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids
Sound Enhancer ~ Noise Reducer
100% Natural
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Keith Monks discOvery™ Precision
Keith Monks discOvery™ Precision
Record Cleaning Brushes
Over 2 years in development, the new improved Keith Monks discOvery™ Brushes have specially customised tapered bristles, unique to Keith Monks.
There really is no better brush anywhere else for caring for your precious records.
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keith Monks Audio Works
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Tel: +44 (0)1983 857079

American Address
Keith Monks America
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WI 53092
Tel: (413) 539-4378


Latest News

May 2011

Keith Monks Audio at The Analogue Fest, Bath

Wrap around those beads... don your kaftans... or bring along an LP.  However you want to 'do' a festival this summer, we have the very best one for you.  And don't forget we at Keith Monks have the grandaddy of them all, the legendary Isle of Wight Festival, just 5 miles up the road from where I sit... so when it comes to summer festivals, we really do know what we're talking about!

Keith Monks are proud to be one of the 'headline acts' (Ivan insisted I say that) at The Cool Gales Analogue Fest 2011, Ivan Kursar's annual gathering of the great and the good for all things vinyl related, the coming together of the analog(ue) tribes, all nestling within the ancient city of Bath and mere inches (well ok quite a few miles) away from what is surely the shrine of all festivals, Glastonbury Tor itself !

The Record Doctor will of course be in attendance manning the Keith Monks RCM, ready to administer immediate medical assistance to the 1 or 2 records you may care to bring along, and offering spiritual guidance and comfort to those who had lost their way into the 0s and 1s but who now find themselves returning to the fold - or perhaps discovering its delights for the very first time!

Also on show will be the new Keith Monks discOvery 'pocket money' accessories which proved so popular at the Bristol Show earlier in the year, including discOvery Natural Precision record cleaning fluids, the new MicroPad manual record cleaning system, and the new and unique MakeTheLink complete cleaning and connection enhancement system. Some very tempting, extra special show offers are promised as well.

Other fabulous attractions include the UK debut of the Artemis SA-1/TA-1 turntable/arm, phono stages from Leema Aesthetix and Esoteric, new and classic LPs from Diverse Vinyl, plus the chance to meet industry luminaries such as Hifi Plus editor Alan Sircom and Nigel Finn of Chord (surely worth the price of admission alone).  Which by the way is just £3, with all proceeds going to Action For Children giving the UK's most vulnerable and neglected children and young adults a chance in life.

The date: Saturday June 4, 2011.  The venue: The Bath & County Club, Queens Parade, Bath BA1 2NJ.  Here's a rather small map of a bit of Bath - look forward to seeing you there.


Feb 2011

New discOvery audio accessories from Keith Monks Audio previewing at the Bristol Show 2011

Roll up one and all, the ever-popular Keith Monks free record cleaning service returns to Bristol 2011.  Bring your well-loved LP (or one you've bought at the show - new records need cleaning too!) and have it pampered on the world's first and finest Record Cleaning Machine.  

Keith Monks discOvery Natural Precision cleaning fluids improve most record cleaners.  Also previewing are several brand new, curiously effective Keith Monks discOvery audio accessories that are sure to delight and amaze.  Your ringmaster: The Record Doctor.

The Bristol Show, Marriott City Centre Hotel, 2 Lower Castle St, Bristol BS1 3AD - Friday 25th to Sunday 27th Feb 2011.


May 2010

Keith Monks Limited 40th Anniversary Ruby at the Munich Hifi Deluxe Show 2010

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Jan 2010

Keith Monks Audio relaunch into USA, return to CES after 'short break' of 27 Years !

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Sept 2009

Limited Edition Keith Monks celebrates 40th Anniversary of world's first Record Cleaning Machine

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May 2009

Keith Monks relaunch into Europe at Munich 2009

Some say his medical lab coat was hand-crafted high up in the mountains of Wales using only the purest wool from the Jonsland Flock of Pedigree Texel Sheep.
And that if placed end to end, his brain fibres would stretch from the southern tip of the Isle of Wight to the planet Neptune.

All we know is, he's called The Record Doctor. And if you bring your favourite record to Munich 2009, he'll give it the best clean it's ever had - on the legendary and now completely revitalised Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine (1 record per visitor please!)

Join us for the European relaunch of the new Keith Monks, the world's and finest Record Cleaning Machine originally developed with BBC engineers back in the late 1960s. See why the latest generation Monks has won even more accolades - see below - including now a Best Buy from no less an authority than Art Dudley for Stereophile magazine, concluding the most extensive and exhaustive 'New Monks' piece yet.

Take advantage of our special show offers, and discover discOvery: the new range of Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids from Keith Monks. Best ever deep clean and sound enhancement, and made from nothing but biodegradable plant extracts and pure distilled water.

See for yourself why the world's greatest archives and audiophile experts rely only on the whisper-quiet Keith Monks, hour after hour, year after year to restore and preserve the most valuable record collections on Earth.

Exclusively in the Isenberg Audio room 554 at The Hifi Deluxe Show, Flemings
Hotel, Leopoldstraße 130-132, 80804 München, May 21-23 2009.


February 2009

Keith Monks are at Sound & Vision: the Bristol Hi-fi Show

Some say he neither eats nor sleeps and is powered entirely by miniature wind turbines.

And that every hair on his body is in fact a rare form of naturally occuring Pure Carbon Fibre.

All we know is, he's called The Record Doctor. And he'll be giving your record the best clean it's ever had - on the legendary and newly revitalised Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine.  (1 record per visitor please!)

Come and view the latest range - and see for yourself why it's won the '5 Globes' top score in Hi-fi World, 'Accessory of the Year' and 'Best Record Cleaning Machine' in China's Super AV Awards, and now Best Buy and 5 Stars in Hi-fi Choice.

Take advantage of our special show offers, and discover discOvery: the new range of Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids from Keith Monks. Best ever deep clean and sound enhancement, and made from nothing but biodegradable plant extracts and pure distilled water.

Once again we'll be showing our popular archive material including the history of record cleaning and Keith Monks' contribution to it.

All at Sound & Vision - The Bristol Hi-fi Show - Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd February 2009. Don't miss it.


Top score from Hi-fi World

UK audiophile magazine Hi-fi World have published an exclusive, the world's first review of the Keith Monks Omni. Editor David Price personally undertook duties, forcing himself to play his favourite records, then clean them on the Omni... and on the second play witness the transformation in old and new discs alike!

David's pronouncement: the top score of 5/5 Globes.

Click here for the full review.

'Best Buy' says Hi-fi Choice!

Not to be outdone, respected UK audiophile magazine Hi-fi Choice have now published a review of the updated Mk.IIc Classic from the critical eye and pen (or probably keyboard) of the legendary Malcolm Steward.

And it's another top score - 5/5 Stars and a Best Buy rating.

You can read an online version of the review on the Hi-fi Choice publisher's technology website - click on the link below, or copy it into your browser -


September 2008

40th Anniversary!

In January 1969 Keith Monks set up a company called Keith Monks Audio to sell Record Cleaning Machines to the BBC.

Forty years later, we are preparing our own special celebrations with a Limited Edition Ruby Anniversary model. Features will include our new deluxe furniture grade cabinet finished in a truly beautiful Ruby Red.

Keep watching for further news.


New Features… also available as Spare Parts !
The best Record Cleaning Machines ever made just keep getting better. But of course they’ve always been built to last, so don’t worry if you’re already a proud owner - we deliberately design all our upgrades so you can retrofit them to almost any KEITH MONKS RCM.

Take a look at the Unique Features and Spare Parts sections.


See the Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine live in action at the
London Hifi Show!

The Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow Airport, London England
19-21 September 2008

See the legendary Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine for yourself. We will be showcasing the new improved versions, a brand new model and the new Keith Monks discOvery TM Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids – all exclusively launching at the London Hifi Audio Show.

All attendees will be able to have a record cleaned free on the World’s First and Finest Record Cleaning Machine (one record per visitor please!) There will also be regular demonstrations and a comprehensive display of the history of Keith Monks Audio and record cleaning in general – the story so far, leading up to our upcoming 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Bring a record along. See and hear the difference. Try it once and discover why we say, ‘Miracles take a little longer’.


Keith Monks. “Making records sound better since 1969.”



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