Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine
The World's First and Finest . . . . . BROADCAST-ARCHIVE STANDARD ELECTRIC . . . . . RECORD CLEANING MACHINE . . . . . Miracles take a little longer . . . . . Own a piece of Hi-Fi Audio History . . . . . Available Now. . . . . . The Industry Standard for Broadcast, Sound Archiving and Audio Restoration since 1969 . . . . . Available Now . . . . . Keith Monks. Making records sound better since 1969 . . . . . Keith Monks 1931-2005 . . . . . The Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine: 1969-The Future . . . . .

The precision record cleaner for everyone
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New Keith Monks
awarded 5 Globes
in UK Hi-fi World

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Microscopic close up of groove before cleaning a record

Photographs taken by
Mr Aalt Jouk van den Hul

Microscopic close-up of groove after cleaning a record with the Keith Monks RCM


Silence Is GoldenSilent discs. Whisper-quiet Machines.
Silent discs. Whisper-quiet Machines.

The Original, Legendary
now available in beautiful golden
‘English Oak’ finish.

Keith Monks discOvery™
Keith Monks discOvery™
Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids
Sound Enhancer ~ Noise Reducer
100% Natural
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Keith Monks discOvery™ Precision
Keith Monks discOvery™ Precision
Record Cleaning Brushes
Over 2 years in development, the new improved Keith Monks discOvery™ Brushes have specially customised tapered bristles, unique to Keith Monks.
There really is no better brush anywhere else for caring for your precious records.
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Keith Monks America
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Welcome to the Keith Monks Website

The Absolute Sound
Awarded 1970s/1980s
The Keith Monks is the Original Record Cleaning Machine: the world’s first commercially produced electric device for cleaning gramophone records, originally developed by Keith Monks Audio for BBC engineers in London to meet the exacting standards of radio broadcasting.

Since 1969, experts agree: Keith Monks professional Record Cleaning Machines are the finest solution for the care, restoration and preservation of all sizes, all types and all generations of commercially made recorded discs: 7” 10” 12” and 16” transcriptions, vinyl LP records (self-adjusts for both standard and heavier audiophile pressings), 45rpm singles and shellac discs (78s) as well as rare, early, unusual and valuable records such as acetates, lacquers, laminated and vulcanite discs.

More than simply removing the distracting surface noise, the same process is world famous for actually enhancing and enriching the quality of the sound – even on brand new discs.

This classic design has stood the test of time and, through all its improvements over the years, remains true to its original concept: the scientifically correct way to clean records. Now re-engineered with a number of new refinements to further improve both form and function, today the whisper-quiet Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine (‘RCM’) is still regarded by discerning broadcasters, sound restoration engineers, archives and archivists, librarians, audiophiles, hi-fi experts and music enthusiasts around the world as the only serious choice for Precision Record Cleaning, and the standard by which all others are judged.

A piece of audio history, that now looks and works better than ever before. And, when used with the new Keith Monks discOvery TM Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids, your record transformed into a true collector’s piece – restored, revitalised and, with continued care, preserved for life.

See the legendary Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine for yourself at your local Keith Monks retailer or authorised Keith Monks Record Cleaning Centre now. See and hear the difference.
Try it once and discover why we say, ‘Miracles take a little longer’.

All Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines are true professional standard for studio, broadcast and archive use.

Exclusive 5 Year Guarantee.
A conditional 5 year manufacturer's guarantee is standard on all
Keith Monks professional Record Cleaning Machines


Experts Agree.

“The Keith Monks RCM is the state-of-the-art in record cleaning. It is the reference standard against which all record cleaning devices must and will be measured… It does what mere noise reduction machines can never do: actually improve the fidelity of the discs… The Keith Monks is, beyond question, the most effective record cleaner available.”
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- The Absolute Sound

“I am just amazed - your RCM beats the [other make] completely… I could not believe there would be such a difference… this really is THE Record Cleaning Machine to have !”
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- Mr Jay, Jay Audio Singapore

“This really is about as good as it gets… your device is in fact a vital and indispensable necessity for the restoration and true appreciation of musical history.”
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- Mr M Earles, Kuwait

“Performance of the new Machines is wonderful, better than ever before… your improvements make them a real pleasure to show and sell… Excellent.”
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- Mr Ellis Fung, Precision Audio Hong Kong


Famous cleaning & sound restoration projects


Keith Monks. “Making records sound better since 1969.”






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Broadcast-Archive standard electric record cleaning machine hand built in Great Britain